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The awareness that music has flowed through her body and soul has been apparent since childhood. Classical music is capable of a deep bond, a strong connection, between the composer, the interpreter and the listener, and this is something Nikol adores and, through her playing, what was a set of notes on a page transforms into a range of emotions, feelings and stories everyone can relate to in some way or other. The combination of being intimate, sensitive, fragile and, at the same time, strong and open, is what drives Nikol's desire to play.



The need to create

The trio - piano, double bass and drums - This combination of sounds and instruments are the closest Nikol has found as a way of perfectly expressing the musical language she wishes to convey.




The album INNER PLACE is characterized by great compositional and interpretive maturity, while it also breathes with the fresh energy of a debut that witnesses an author discovering new musical worlds. In her compositions, Nikol Bóková effortlessly travels between genres, clearly fascinated by the possibilities they have to offer.



"Three years ago I started to become fascinated by the sound of the jazz trio. It was a sound and combination that totally stunned me. Each performance I saw sent butterflies racing through my stomach and so the desire to pursue this sound myself was born. I began to work on compositions and developed this with Martin Kocián and Michal Wierzgon, a duo who has played often together. I knew from the first instance these two guys completely got what I was trying to do and what I wanted to say. Their playing compliments my arrangements completely."


10 JULY 2019


piano, compositions

Nikol Bóková


Michal Wierzgon

double bass

Martin Kocián



Nikol Bóková is a musician dedicated to many genres of music but particularly works as a performer of classical music. Her repertoire ranges from Baroque to contemporary but the 19th and 20th Century periods are a primary focus. 

In 2018 she graduated from the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno during which she completed a one-year internship at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, Poland, and performed as a regular participant in interpretation workshops and masterclasses by renowned pianists. Her recitals have been held in many countries, including the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Italy and Slovakia, and she has been invited to perform in Czech music festivals - in 2017, for example, she performed a solo recital at the esteemed Czech festival, Janáčkův Máj.

From an early age Nikol has been involved in leading Czech orchestras, including performing solo with the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra at just nine years old, and has recorded consistently with the Czech Radio Company recording works by composer Oskar Nedbal, for example.

In addition to performing interpretations of classical music, Nikol regularly writes her own works. Amongst the most recent being her Trio project for piano, double-bass and drums, which combined both classical music and jazz with her penchant for fusing music and literary themes, as well as more experimental and improvisational pieces in other projects.


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